Evolution of this Website

Since (or before went live in 2002, it was my little web development playground. As you can see bellow this website has really seen everything and teached me a lot - especially what you should not do. In the beginning I just didn't know any better then using table or even iFrame layouts. And we better don't talk about my first PHP or JavaScript steps anymore. Later I completely over engineered with a self made full blown CMS developed in Python and running on Google Apps Engine.

...and nowerdays I have other projects and even work to play around with new stuff. So a minimal design with no Javascript, a custom 2kb CMS for the homepage and tumblr for the blog seemed like the perfect choice to not worry about anything, anymore - which is real evolution in the end!

  • '00 Evil Internet Explorer
  • '01
  • '02
  • '03 Firefox
  • '04 Smarty Template Engine
  • '05
  • '06 Google Analytics Google Webmaster Tools
  • '07 Almighty Firebug Prototyp.js Google Picasa Image Hosting
  • '08 Google Apps Google Apps Engine Pyhton
  • '09 jQuery Google Chrome
  • '10
  • '11 tumblr.
  • '12 git
2002: VERSION 1
2003: VERSION 2
2004: VERSION 3
2005: VERSION 4
2006: VERSION 5
2012: VERSION 6