Master of Science - Information Systems (HU Berlin)

After receiving my diploma in 2006, I worked as an IT consultant for a couple of years. Between 2009 and 2011 I returned part-time to university to extend my practical knowledge in a more theoretical way. On this page you will find some of the things I have done there to obtain a Master's degree in Business Information Systems.


In 2011 I wrote my Master Thesis as a member of the Stratosphere-Project in the institute Databases and Information Systems. Within the Stratosphere Project PACT-programs were used to process large amounts of data in parallel on a distributed cluster computer architecture. However creating a PACT-program was very time-consuming, complicated, and required the installation of a development environment. My master thesis describes the implementation of the Google Web Toolkit based PACT-GUI web application. The application allows to graphically model and implement PACT-programs within a rich client browser application. In future, the ease with which users can now generate PACT-programs may promote the wide adoption of Stratosphere System.

Create the directed acyclic graph of a PACT-Program Edit the User defined Function of a PACT-Program node

Feel free to download the final thesis and use it for your research and enjoyment :)

Entwicklung einer browserbasierten Benutzerschnittstelle zur Erstellung von PACT-Programmen (2012)

Latency in TOR (The Onion Router)

The Onion Router Project - Homepage

In 2010 I was part of a research team, that investigated to what extent users will accept decreases in usability for an increase of their anonymity. My contribution to the project was quantitative specifics about the latency due to TOR usage.

Feel free to read and use the finding for your research:

Latency in TOR (2010) / Final Publication on the Amcis 2010

DNS Economics

DNS just works, right? No, there are various technolgies and interests involved. Learn more:

DNS Economics: Stakeholders, Business Models, Power Structure (2010)