Teamsite Consulting and Development

Teamsite and I

Working as a Teamsite-Consultant since 2006, I have been involved into many Autonomy/Interwoven Teamsite based projects. A selection of these projects is listed bellow. I put my hands on most of the things you can do with Teamsite like Templating/Generation, FormApi, Workflows, DataDeploy, OpenDeploy - and all kinds of custom scripts, UI modifying and incredibly awesome tweaks.

PHP (Zend)
VB (.NET 4.0)
Java (ATG and later JBoss)

What I have learned

But more interesting then showing what I have done, is to tell what I have learned:

Teamsite brings out the best and worst of software engineering!

Of course you can have a scheduled job, using Perl to generate PHP, which reads JavaScript from a database to create HTML. Maybe you even find a place for XSLT and stored procedures. Then embed this into a 3-stage-group-workflow accross a Dev-Test-Stag-Prod-environment with aditional search, email and authorisation servers and you will have a well paid consulting job for the next years... Just make sure I don't find you!

Different approach to Teamsite

For every project (and especially if Teamsite is involved) just remember two easy principles:
Keep it simple stupid!
You ain't gonna need it

So what I tend to do, is to radicaly get rid of as much teamsite specific stuff as possible and replace it with application logic. And whatever issue pops up, my answer will always be: Let our web application or even better the underlying framework(!) handle this. The result is usually a reusable, fail tolerant and extremly performant web application which works directly on xml/dcr files (no presentation templates!). Customers understand and love their web-environment again and I can be proud of my work - even if Teamsite is involved :)